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Dr. Gerald Ramogida, B.Sc., DC

Doctor Ramogida has recently taken a sabbatical leave from Coastal Health Arts Clinic to journey to London, England where he is working with medical practitioners in preparation for the 2012
Olympic Games.

“My role in the UK is unique.  I have the designation of “Lead Performance and Trackside Therapist for UK Athletics” and in my role I work with athletes daily who are preparing for the Olympic Games this Summer in London.  I work with a team of therapists (osteopaths, nutritionists, biomechanical specialists). My role is specific to preventing injury and improving performance by evaluating athlete movement daily.  I am on the track daily watching athletes train and watching them progress from drills in their warm ups all the way to sprinting, throwing, jumping, etc. We look for limitations in their movements and then direct treatments, trackside, to optimize their workouts daily. In making changes in this manner on a daily basis, we avoid injury and allow them to get the maximum amount of work possible out of each workout. It is hoped that the consistency of training this allows (less loss of time for injury) will give us more quality work and therefore better long-term performances. So far we seem to be succeeding. We have met all of our targets in all of our major competitions, including the recent World Championships in Track and Field in Daegu, South Korea.  We are in the home stretch. We have the World Indoor Championships in Budapest this spring and then come July of 2012, the Olympic Games. We will see where we go from there but right now the focus is on the Games I don't want to look past that at this point as nobody on our team can afford to loose focus. We have very lofty goals and achieving them is why I came.”

- Dr. Gerald Ramogida, B.Sc., DC

Gerry & Christian

"Working with an athlete in Korea"



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